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E-cigarette guide

Everything you need to know about the electronic cigarette.
The e-cigarette vaporises a liquid made up of propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, flavourings and nicotine to create flavoured and nicotined or non-nicotined vapor. Equipment has come a long way since its inception, and today we can enjoy highly efficient vaporisers.

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The different parts of an e-cigarette

The e-cigarette consists of a clearomizer and a battery:

The clearomizer

This is the upper part of the electronic cigarette. It holds the e-liquid and the coil that produces the vapor. The clearomizer consists of a tank, a coil, a drip tip and a metal or plastic frame. When you press the main button on the battery, the current powers the coil, which vaporises your e-liquid and produces the vapor.

The battery

The battery stores the electrical energy to power your clearomizer. Batteries come in different sizes and shapes to suit all needs. Please refer to the battery guide for more information.


Most e-cigarettes charge via a micro-USB or USB-C plug, depending on the model. Some have specific adapters that cannot be fitted to other models. It's often easiest to charge your e-cigarette at night while you're sleeping.


The clearomizer should be cleaned with clear warm water about once a month to remove any residue or accumulated dust. The battery itself requires no special maintenance.


Take the time to choose your equipment by comparing them, as a poorly chosen item can quickly turn into a bad purchase. There isn't ONE good e-cigarette for everyone, but there is a model to suit everyone. For beginners, please refer to our beginner's guide or contact us if you have any questions.


Why the e-cigarette and not another method?

The e-cigarette allows you to reproduce the act of smoking and avoids a sudden break with a habit. What's more, it provides your body with the dose of nicotine it needs at the pace you require, and the switch from tobacco cigarettes to e-cigarettes is generally made without any particular effort. You can also combine it with patches, for example, for greater effectiveness.

Why aren't some e-cigarettes designed for beginners?

A vape that is too aerial and "direct inhalation" will produce a lot of vapor and won't reproduce the tight draw of a cigarette. To begin with, you need to focus exclusively on "indirect inhalation" kits.

Are there any real savings with the e-cigarette?

At the outset, an e-cigarette costs more than a packet of cigarettes and a lighter, but once you've made your first purchase, the savings are clear. On average, a beginner vaper uses 1 (or even 2) bottles of e-liquid a week (at an average cost of €5.90/bottle) and a replacement coil every 15 days (sold in packs of 5 at around €2/resistance).

How do I choose my e-cigarette to start with?

We advise you to refer to the beginner's guide or contact us. The choice may be different for everyone and depends on your profile.

We don't know what's in the e-cigarette.

In your e-cigarette, or rather in your e-liquid, there is propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, flavourings and nicotine or not. These first three ingredients are very common in food and cosmetics and have not been shown to be dangerous. In France, all e-liquids are declared to the government (to ANSES) with their full composition, six months before they are put on the market.

How do I switch to an e-cigarette?

  • Choose an e-cigarette that is PERSONALLY adapted to YOU.
  • Choose 3 different e-liquids to test what suits you best. Typically a "classic" flavour (=closer to tobacco), a fruity flavour, or even a mint flavour. Choose a high nicotine dosage (16 mg/ml, or even 11 mg/ml if you're a very light smoker), otherwise your body won't get enough nicotine and it won't work (Note: nicotine is NOT carcinogenic, it's the burning of tobacco that is).
  • Start using the e-cigarette gradually to get used to it.
  • Vape regularly, BEFORE you feel like smoking, and all day long you'll be putting off the moment when you need to smoke. When the evening comes, you'll realise that you haven't smoked at all. Magic :-)
  • If you want to lower your nicotine dose, do it VERY gradually, by one notch every 3 months minimum. Once you've reached zero nicotine, you could even do without an e-cigarette.

Calumette can help you make the right choices. Contact us :-)

Can I smoke and vape at the same time?

Yes, at the beginning it's a good solution to avoid extra pressure and to gradually get used to the e-cigarette. If the nicotine strength of your e-liquid is right, you should quickly eliminate all tobacco cigarettes from your day. And you too will have given up smoking without any particular effort.