Fruizee shortfill

Fruizee shortfill e-liquid 50ml is a combination of fruit and ultra-freshness. Eliquid France, a renowned flavour developer in the world of vape, has created a collection of flavours bursting with fruit and freshness that will tickle your taste buds and nose. These original, sour flavours of blackcurrant, lemon, tangerine and mango are part of the Fruizee shortfills collection: a combination of fruit and freshness. Guaranteed diacetyl-free, ambrox-free and paraben-free.
Sold in packs of 0 mg/ml, 3 mg/ml or 6 mg/ml nicotine.
Note: some Fruizee shortfill are available in a NO FRESH version: the same recipe but without the fresh effect.
Made in France.
VG/PG 70/30