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Become an expert vaper

Everything you need to know to become an expert vaper.
Becoming an expert vaper is a higher level of vaping. The aim is to enhance flavours and produce large clouds of vapor. To achieve this, you'll be using more advanced equipment with which you can create your own coils, by selecting the type of thread and cotton. The rebuildable is more economical than a simple clearomizer, but it will take you longer to create. The rebuildable is therefore primarily designed for vape enthusiasts. But if you're looking for speed, this type of equipment isn't for you. There are a multitude of assembly possibilities, so you'll be able to find the ideal equipment for you.

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Rebuildable equipment

The term "rebuildable" refers to equipment that allows you to create your own coils from wire and cotton.

To get started with rebuildables, you'll need :

  • a box/box mod with rechargeable battery
  • A rebuildable atomizer, dripper or RBA. There are many different types of rebuildable atomizer. For more information on the different models available, take a look at the "rebuildable expert guide".
  • Thread
  • Cotton
  • Tools to create your coils (cutting pliers, microcoil rod, etc.)

You'll also need time: to read our guides on these subjects, and to learn how to make your own assemblies.

The box

The box is the part that sends electricity to the atomizer or dripper. There are 4 main types of box: the electronic box, the mechanical box (mecha box), the electronic bottom feeder box and the mechanical bottom feeder box.

Electronic box

The electronic box is a device that operates with electronic regulation of the power delivered. This protects your battery from short-circuits or other electrical problems. They are easier to use than mechanical boxes, thanks to their control screen. The electronic security of the assemblies is very much appreciated.

Mechanical boxes

The mechanical box, more commonly known as the "mecha box", is the opposite of the electronic box. It has the bare minimum to function: a slot to accommodate the battery and a switch (button) that delivers the full power of the battery directly to the atomizer. They are designed for experts with a perfect mastery of Ohm's Law, as there is no protection for the battery and no power regulation. If the coil assembly exceeds the maximum power of the battery, there is a very real risk of the battery degassing or even exploding. This type of equipment should only be used by those in the know. The advantage of this equipment is the power delivered.

Bottom Feeder box (BF box)

A BF bottom feeder box may be mechanical or electronic, depending on whether or not it has electronic power regulation, but it does have a slot for a flexible bottle that can be squeezed to supply your BF dripper with e-liquid.

Removable batteries

Removable batteries are very similar in shape to the standard batteries we use every day. The difference is that they use lithium chemistry, which enables them to develop high levels of power. For more information, take a look at our guide to removable batteries. We remind you that it's important to always use good quality removable batteries in perfect condition.

Type of inhalation

As with clearomizers, you can choose your type of inhalation (direct or indirect) with a rebuildable. The same rules apply as for clearomizers, but it's easier to find a rebuildable for direct inhalation than for indirect.


Can I start vaping directly with a rebuildable?

No, we advise against starting with a rebuildable, as the complexity of making these coils, finding the right settings and maintenance can be a major problem when you're just starting out. Instead, go for the simplest clearomizers possible to start to vape with peace of mind. Once you're used to vaping, there's always time to switch to a rebuildable.

How can I vape rebuildable without any risk?

For completely safe vaping, opt for an electronic box or mod. If the coil is incorrectly fitted, the device will detect the incident and automatically shut down, delivering no current.

What's the best rebuildable?

Between the different types of rebuildable there is no one technology that is better than another, but it is above all a question of individual taste. It's not unusual to test several models to find the right one.