Calumette is committed to protecting the environment

At Calumette, corporate social responsibility (CSR) is an everyday concern.
Like you, we are aware that small, concrete acts in favour of the planet contribute to a better future for us and our children.

Like us, make your contribution. All together, all eco-responsible!

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Over the years, we have chosen to invest time and resources in improving our CSR policy and reducing our environmental impact as much as possible.

As a member of the Calumette tribe, you too can play your part in protecting the environment.

Calumette recycles

Calumette's environmental practices

cardboard calumette recyclingSorting, recycling and recovery of our paper and cardboard waste:

We use separate bins for non-recyclable waste (plastic, glossy paper for transport labels, etc) and for waste paper and small cardboard packaging (e-liquids boxes).

We send for recycling the many cardboard boxes we receive when products are received and the contents of paper bins and small cardboard packaging, so that they can be recycled, recovered and reused to make, for example, new cardboard packaging, shoe boxes, egg cartons or, more surprisingly, cellulose wadding insulation or decorative objects.

In France, recycling one tonne of cardboard avoids the consumption of 2.5 tonnes of wood, 50m3 of water and 13 MWh of energy, and prevents the emission of 2.5 tonnes of CO2.

hardware Calumette recyclingSorting, recycling and recovery of vaping devices:

We collect plastic caps from e-liquids and send them for recycling and recovery to an association with which we have signed an agreement.
We collect used batteries and take them to a dedicated collection point for recycling.
We collect used electronic equipment (boxes, batteries with non-removable accumulators) and take them to a dedicated collection point for recycling electrical and electronic equipment.

packaging Calumette recyclingPackaging your orders:

To ship your orders, we have selected a type of padded bubble envelope that is fully recyclable (100% recyclable because it is made from a single material with 100% polyethylene) and manufactured in France. You'll find a pictogram and text on the transport envelope indicating that they are recyclable. Throw them in your yellow bin or plastic recycling bin.

Eco-friendly ordering: Calumette gives you the option of receiving your order with only the products you have ordered, in bulk, with nothing added: When you confirm your basket, tick the box "I would like my parcel to be free of gifts, invoices and zip bags".

We choose CO2-neutral carriers

CSR ColissimoColissimo

When you choose Colissimo for your delivery, you're guaranteed CO2-neutral transport! Certified by EcoLogic.
Since 2012, Colissimo has ensured that its transport is completely carbon neutral, by reducing CO2 emissions (electric vehicles, route optimisation, etc.) and offsetting all its remaining CO2 emissions. This offsetting enables the financing of several emblematic projects around the world and in France, with strong environmental and socio-economic benefits. For more information, click here.

CSR ChronopostChronopost

Chronopost provides all its customers with carbon-neutral parcel delivery by reducing greenhouse gas emissions (100% electric and alternative vehicles in Paris and 80% in France's 60 largest cities, optimised routes, local network renetwork, certain buildings powered 100% by renewable energy) and by offsetting its remaining carbon emissions (production of wind energy in India, production of energy by methanisation in Brazil, etc). Find out more here.

Advice on sorting and recycling your vaping products

You too can play your part by sorting your e-cigarette waste correctly:

recycling tips

Batteries: Put the batteries in the used battery bin in your nearest shop (supermarket, DIY shop, etc.). This will ensure that they are properly disposed of.

Equipment containing electronics (boxes, non-removable batteries, cables, chargers): dispose of them either in the dedicated bin in a supermarket or DIY shop, or at the waste collection centre in the electrical equipment recycling area.

Caps and rings on plastic e-liquid bottles: these can be recycled! We recommend that you put them in your plastic recycling bin (often the yellow bin), or take them to your children's or grandchildren's school if it collects water bottle caps, or to a local association that collects plastic caps, etc.

Empty plastic or glass e-liquid bottles, clearomizers, coils: these are considered contaminated with nicotine (even if you rinse them) and unfortunately cannot be recycled. So dispose of them in your household rubbish bin.

Send us your vaping waste and we'll recycle it for you!

We offer to collect your vaping product waste (equipment, e-liquid caps, etc.) bought at Calumette, and we'll recycle it for you.

You can drop them off at our offices or send them to us (postage at your expense) at the following address. We will be happy to sort them and send them to the dedicated recycling centers:

Calumette recycling
25 rue de l'Europe
44240 La Chapelle Sur Erdre

To reduce the carbon footprint of transport, get together with your vape friends and send them in batches.

Calumette recycling collection process

Far from resting on our laurels, every day we continue to look for new ways to better protect the environment. Don't hesitate to share your ideas with us!

The Calumette team

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