Box BF

The BF (Bottom Feeder) boxes allow you to operate a BF dripper, thanks to an integrated tank.
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BF (Bottom Feeder) box guide

Everything you need to know about the BF box.
The bottom feeder is a technology that is a little more complex than a simple rebuildable. On a Dripper (RDA) the supply of e-liquid is limited and the cotton needs to be re-wetted regularly to avoid dry hit. The bottom feeder eliminates this problem. A flexible reservoir is placed in the box to feed the Dripper. Of course, you'll need a BF box and a BF Dripper to operate the system. When your Dripper needs to be fed, simply press the flexible reservoir (squonker) so that the e-liquid feeds the dripper. The liquid is fed through the Dripper's central pin, which is pierced to allow the cotton to be impregnated, usually under the coil.

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Types of BF box

BF technology only exists in box form (rectangular battery) because the space required for the liquid reservoir is not compatible with a round mod.

You'll find electronic or mechanical BF boxes in the same way as conventional boxes. The tanks vary in size, but generally have a capacity of 4 to 5 ml.

BF Dripper

BF drippers are mainly usual drippers that can be converted to BF. It is rare for a dripper to be dedicated exclusively to BF use. You'll need to check the compatibility of your equipment on the product sheet.

The advantages

The advantage of a BF is its large liquid capacity, while retaining the excellent flavour reproduction of a Dripper. This means you don't have to drop a few drops of e-liquids into your dripper very often. All you have to do is squeeze the reservoir to add liquid to your dripper.

The drawbacks

Despite the simplicity of the system, setting it up is sometimes a little more complicated than using a simple dripper. Filling the tank, if it has to be taken apart to do so, is sometimes a little tricky.


How do I know if my dripper is BF compatible?

Simply check your dripper's central pin (connection to your box): it should be drilled or come with an adaptor kit.

Is the BF suitable for high liquid consumption?

Yes, the bottom feeder is perfectly suited to high eliquid consumption, as the tanks have a large capacity. If you use a lot of e-liquid, make sure the tank can be easily removed for easy refilling on a daily basis.