Loyalty reward

Calumette rewards your loyalty

  • With each order you can collect loyalty discounts, which you can then deduct from your next order.
  • On each item detail page, the amount of the loyalty discount is shown under the price. It depends on the type of item and its price.
    Some items already have the loyalty discount directly integrated into the price and therefore do not give an additional loyalty discount.
  • They can be accumulated and used on any of the following orders (the total amount of the order must be greater than the loyalty discount used).

Easy to use loyalty discount

  • Start by adding items to your cart.
  • Log in (click on "My account" and enter your email address and password).
  • Go to the "Cart" page which details your current order. Your available loyalty discount will be shown and you will be directly prompted to deduct it from the amount of your order with a single click.
    or :
    Go to the "My Account" > "My loyalty discounts" page where all the details of the loyalty discounts accumulated and used over the orders are displayed. You will see a button to use the loyalty discounts still available.
  • Loyalty discounts are valid for 6 months.

  • If you don't do any of the above steps, don't worry, we'll make it easy for you: on each order completion screen, we'll remind you of the available loyalty discount or encourage you to use it with one click :-)

Take advantage of the Calumette loyalty program's simple way of working, and get a great deal on every new order!