VDLV e-liquid

The Vincent dans les Vapes (Vincent in the Vapes) or VDLV e-liquid is a famous French brand of e-liquids with exclusively natural flavours. VDLV e-liquids are a model of quality and purity, with no trace of sugar, oil, diacute, gum, GMOs or bisphenol in its bottles.
Natural flavours, nicotine grown and extracted in France, AFNOR-certified e-liquids - who can do better?
Made in France. AFNOR certified e-liquids.
Composition: vegetable glycol (40%), propylene glycol (60%), ultra-pure water, all-natural flavourings, French nicotine.
Available nicotine strength: 0 - 3 - 6 - 12 -16 mg/ml.