Calumette is above all a team entirely devoted to its tribe!

Who's behind Calumette ...

Here is the tribe's council:

  • Calumette, Sebastian
    « Grand Sachem »
    Great feathered leader and founder, who watches over and guides the tribe
  • Calumette, Sarah
    « Danse With The Words »
    Co-founder, project manager, guardian of the tribe's values and ethics
  • Calumette, Laurence
    « Greedy Squirrel »
    Assistant to the head chef, tribe facilitator
  • Calumette, Vincent
    « Grilled Buffalo »
    Medicine man, in charge of customer relations with all the tribe's Indians
  • Calumette, Cynthia
    « Hawkeye »
    Prepares your orders and intractable guardian of the tribe's stock. Can spot any anomaly from 100 meters away, so don't touch her stock or you'll be in trouble!
  • Calumette, Marion
    « Happy Duck »
    She prepares your orders and is always cheerful, sending out positive vibes in your parcels. Quack quack!
  • Calumette, Frederic
    « Talkative Totem »
    Service and customer experience designer, always stuck in his canoe
  • Calumette, Christian
    « Sorcerer of Colours »
    Tribe painter, website designer
  • Calumette, Chanelle
    « Mischievous Little Flower »
    Little 12-year-old papoose who hangs around the reserve's sweet boxes all too often
  • Calumette, Raphael
    « Agile Thumb »
    Papoose smoke signal advisor on social networks

Calumette is a family adventure, and the papooses have their place :-)