Drip tip

The drip tip (= mouthpiece) is the part on top of the clearomizer that you put in contact with your mouth, and for the purist it's very important. It can be replaced most of the time. We offer drip tips in different materials (plastic, aluminium, delrin), lengths (short, long), diameters and shapes.
For more information, see the Drip Tip guide.

Drip Tip Guide

Everything you need to know about drip tip for e-cigarette, mod and box mod.
The drip tip or mouthpiece is an essential part of the e-cigarette and is extremely important. It allows contact between your mouth and the clearomizer. It comes in different shapes: round, oval, flat, with different diameters and lengths. Several connections are available depending on the clearomizer. And all this has an influence on the vape you produce.

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Types of connection to the clearomizer

Stardust drip tip

For the first generations of clearomizers, the connections were of the "Stardust" type, very commonly used by Kangertech. This screw connection is exclusively compatible with Stardust V2 or V3 clearomizers.

Drip tip 510, drip tip 810

At the moment, most connections are 510s and 810s. But you may also find 410 or 610 on rare occasions.

The 810 connection is the widest. The smaller the first number, the smaller the diameter. Make sure you check the connection on your clearomizer before you buy, so that you get a compatible model.

Warning: some clearomizers have proprietary drip tips, meaning that they are only compatible with their original clearomizer and are not interchangeable.

The different types of vape

The drip tip allows you to significantly modify the flow of vapor.

  • A short, wide drip tip will give a direct, very airy draw and a hot vapor.
  • The longer the drip tip, the colder the vapor.
  • The smaller the diameter, the tighter the draw and the more indirect the inhalation.
Hence the importance of choosing your drip tip according to your needs and desires...
(For more information on the inhalation, see the inhalation guide)

The different materials

  • Plastic: for a neutral feel in terms of heat.
  • Aluminium: for greater strength and a heat-neutral feel.
  • Metal: for greater strength and vapor cooling.
  • Ceramic: solid and resistant to thermal shock.
  • Glass: heat and thermal shock resistant.
  • Teflon: comfort for the lips (very soft), does not heat up, limits the possible rise of e-liquid.

Hot or cold vapor

For hot vapor, use the shortest possible drip tip.
For cold vapor, the drip tip should be long to cool the vapor as much as possible.


Choose your drip tip carefully according to the material you prefer, because a drip tip that doesn't suit you is bound to be unpleasant.

Don't forget to clean it regularly with water or an antiseptic, as bacteria can remain and proliferate on it and inside, leading to mouth ulcers and other small mouth infections. Use a cotton bud to clean the inside.


How do I choose a drip tip?

First you need to choose the length and width according to the type of vape you want (short and wide for direct draw, long and narrow for indirect draw). Then choose the material for maximum comfort.

How do I clean my drip tip?

We strongly recommend that you clean your drip tip regularly, preferably with an antiseptic, to prevent bacteria from developing on its surface and causing infections. surface of the drip tip, which could lead to benign but very unpleasant mouth infections, such as canker sores, which can occur frequently if the drip tip is not cleaned regularly. Don't forget to clean the inside of the drip tip with a cotton bud.

How can I get cooler vapor?

Replace your drip tip with a longer one to cool the vapor. And use coil higher than 1 ohm.

Is it normal to have liquid in my drip tip when I take it apart?

Condensation very often occurs and a small amount of liquid is found under the drip tip, as the hot vapor meets the colder body of the drip tip, resulting in condensation. This poses no problem for the clearomizer. Simply clean the top of the clearomizer chimney from time to time and replace the drip tip.