Calumette is the only vape reseller to be awarded ISO 9001 quality certification.

Calumette is the one and only vape retailer in the world to be Quality 9001 certified (by AFNOR-Certification, with an audit every year). ISO 9001 is the international quality model.
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About us
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What's in it for you?



Our ISO 9001 certification guarantees you the highest level of safety.

  • Calumette doesn't sell just anything... Rigorous selection procedure for brands and products, in line with our ethics.
  • Verification of product conformity.
  • Annual evaluation of suppliers.
  • Display of Safety Data Sheets for all nicotined e-liquids.
  • A service totally focused on quality.

Customer satisfaction

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Our ISO 9001 certification guarantees that all aspects of quality are perfectly managed.

  • Responsible advice.
  • The assurance of fast answers from a trained vape expert to your questions by e-mail, chat or telephone.
  • Every complaint is always answered, and dealt with quickly and efficiently.
  • A service totally focused on your satisfaction.


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Multiple performance indicators to be sure of the quality delivered.

  • Monitored, very short order processing times.
  • Monitored delivery of your parcel.
  • Every quality anomaly, complaint or other problem is recorded and must be dealt with.
  • Real-time quality indicators in all areas. An annual quality report is drawn up prior to an audit and annual on-site verification by AFNOR-Certification.

Calumette's ISO 9001 quality certification is your assurance of quality. And AFNOR certifies it!

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Find out more about ISO 9001

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The international ISO 9001 standard sets out requirements for quality management, with a strong customer focus, a business process approach and continuous improvement. It aims to ensure that customers receive consistent, quality products and services. The company must have quality indicators with targets, and must constantly seek to improve its internal processes.

ISO 9001 is used worldwide and is recognised as the global model standard.

Initial certification takes the form of a full on-site audit. The certificate is valid for 3 years, but the company is audited every year.

The company is audited to check that it complies with all the requirements of the standard in all areas of the business. If it fails to comply fully, certification is refused.

Calumette wanted to obtain this certification to prove that it works differently, and that it stands out for the quality and safety guarantees it offers its customers.