"Vape Online" Certification

Calumette is certified "Vape Online" ("Vape en Ligne"): french professional vape experts with quality products, support and advice.

The "VAPE ONLIGNE" best practice guidelines have been drawn up by FIVAPE (Fédération Interprofessionelle de la Vape, a federation of French vape companies) in conjunction with AFNOR. The aim is to guarantee consumers a high quality of service and reliability from certified websites selling vaping products online. The aim is also to demonstrate the important role played by these players in reducing the risks of smoking.

See the best practice guidelines (french)

vape online

The main commitments


  • To offer a complete and diversified range of products, aimed at all profiles of smokers and vapers, with a particular focus on beginners.
  • To offer French-made products wherever possible.
  • To offer products that are affordable to as many people as possible.
  • Give preference to AFNOR-certified (XP D 90-300 standard) equipment and e-liquids.
  • Offer at least 60 flavours of e-liquid, with all available nicotine strengths wherever possible.
  • Provide customers with Safety Data Sheets (SDS) for e-liquids.
  • Only sell e-liquids with a child-resistant cap that complies with standard NF EN ISO 8317, where these contain nicotine.
  • Ask visitors for their date of birth on the first page they visit and only allow them to visit the site if they are over 18. Ask customers to certify on their honour that they are of legal age when validating their order.
vape onligne, pre-sales commitments

Sales process:

vape en ligne, sales commitments
  • Present products exhaustively, in particular with a precise title, a visual, a precise description, advice and safety messages.
  • Provide information on the product pages about the risks and precautions concerning batteries, and always send them with protective packaging and an information leaflet about the risks and precautionary advice.
  • In accordance with the opinion of French Public Health (Santé Publique France) and the French National Academy of Medicine, to use our practice to benefit public health, with the aim of helping smokers to quit, in particular by providing expertise and advice (guides, glossary, etc).
  • Offer advice and personalised support by telephone and e-mail as a minimum, with responses within 24 hours.
  • The advisers must be trained to identify the customer's needs and offer a suitable solution, in complete safety. They must be able to identify questions that need to be answered by a healthcare professional.
  • Offer several delivery methods, with the conditions and prices clearly detailed on a dedicated web page. Offer delivery throughout mainland France and the French overseas territories.

After-sales service:

  • To help any customer who requests to get their equipment up and running, and to guide them in its proper use.
  • Respond to all requests for after-sales service or complaints.
  • In the event of a product return, to respond within 48 hours and, where appropriate, to offer several solutions including : exchange, credit note, refund.
  • Inform its customers about its environmental commitments and good recycling practices, and offer to collect and recycle vaping product waste.
vape online, after-sale commitments


vape online, ethics
  • Be independent of the tobacco industry and not market its products.
  • Only sell original products.
  • Act in the interests of public health, and work to reduce the risks of smoking.