Battery and box for e-cigarette

The battery is the part of the e-cigarette that supplies energy to the clearomizer and its coil, which is necessary for its operation. Whether it's round or box format, with a 510 or Ego connection, you'll find the one that's right for you here.
The battery or box contains a built-in, non-replaceable rechargeable battery. If you want to be able to replace the battery, see the "box mod" category.
The list below is sorted alphabetically by brand.
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Battery Guide

Everything you need to know about the e-cigarette battery.
The battery in your e-cigarette is the element that stores the electric energy needed to operate your clearomizer. There are a multitude of shapes and sizes with varying degrees of autonomy. A battery in round or box format should not be confused with a mod or box mod. The latter have no built-in battery and require an additional rechargeable battery to operate.

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Battery capacity (mAh)

The capacity of a battery is expressed in mAh and represents its discharge capacity in one hour. In simple terms, this is your battery's autonomy. The higher the figure, the greater the capacity. You can assume that for a coil of over 1 Ohm, 1000 mAh will allow you to vape for just one day. A 2000 mAh battery will last about a day and a half. These values are only indicative, as autonomy will depend very much on how often you use the device.

Box or round battery

There are two main battery formats: round or square (known as 'box').

The round battery is often the simplest to operate, with only a release button on most models. Some have a setting wheel or buttons with pre-set power values. Their capacity is often low and requires frequent recharging. The advantage of this type of battery is that it is easy to use.

The box battery is often larger and has a higher capacity (and therefore range). They have pre-set values or a screen that lets you check the charge of the battery and adjust the power output. The advantage of this type of battery is that it's more versatile, has greater autonomy and you can easily change clearomizers without changing the battery.

Adjustable or non-adjustable batteries

For starters, a non-adjustable battery is a good way to get started with vape in a simple way. This type of battery adjusts automatically according to your coil. With this type of equipment, simplicity is the key.

For an adjustable box with pre-set power values, or a more sophisticated box with a screen, you'll gain in versatility and be able to adapt the power to suit your needs. You can send more or less power to your clearomizer for a denser or less dense vapor.

Types of settings (VV, VW, TC, bypass, CCW, CCV)

The three main battery operating modes are VV, VW and TC.

VV mode (variable voltage)

VV = Variable Voltage. This mode allows you to adjust the voltage of your battery in volts. Widely used in early e-cigarette models, it is tending to disappear in favour of VW.

VW mode (variable wattage)

VW = Variable Wattage. This mode allows you to adjust the wattage of your battery, which is currently the most common.

TC mode (temperature control)

TC = Temperature Control. Allows you to vape not by setting watts or volts but by setting the heating temperature of your coil wire, in degrees. The electronics, depending on the wire used, will be able to calculate the operating temperature. The aim is to avoid dry hits (combustion of the cotton when there's not enough e-liquid) and to get a smoother vape than with a VW. However, only certain types of wire should be used for temperature control: SS316 L, Ni 200 and Ti are the only coil wires that can be used in this mode. Never use Kanthal as this wire is not suitable and the box will not be able to regulate the temperature of the resistive wire correctly and you risk overheating your cotton, or even burning it.

Other modes :

Bypass mode

Bypass allows you to send all the power from the battery directly to the coil, rather like a mechanical mod without electronic power regulation. You benefit from expert operation while retaining the safety of the electronics, which will automatically trip if you set the wrong resistance value or deliver too much power.

CCV and CCW modes

There are also two other modes, CCW (Customized Curve Watt) and CCV (Customized Curve Volt), which allow you to set a power or voltage curve as a function of time. In other words, you can adjust the watts or volts sent to the clearomizer every half second. So you can manage your vape perfectly, and for example send more power at the start of the vape for rapid heating and then gradually decrease.

With or without screen

It's often the size of the device that determines whether or not it has a screen. For a round battery, the presence of a screen is almost non-existent. The big advantage of a screen is that it gives you a precise charge indicator and power setting, and often allows you to use several operating modes.

Connection types

There are two main types of connection: the Ego connection and the 510.

Ego battery

The Ego connection is a so-called 'male' connection, present on first-generation models. It is considerably bulkier than the 510 type connection.

510 battery

The 510 connection is currently the most common 'female' connection and is compatible with most clearomizers on the market. It is small in size.

ego-510 adaptor

There are, of course, adapters available for switching from a 510 to an Ego connection, so that you can use your old clearomizers with recent batteries.


When it comes to charging, we advise you to check the charging current capacity of your battery. Some batteries accept 1 A (= 1000 mA) of current when charging. The latest models can accept up to 2A. If your charger sends out a current of 2 A but your battery is designed to accept 1 A, you run the risk of greatly reducing its lifespan and the number of charges/discharges. Check the current rating on the charger supplied with your battery to be sure.


Do I need to fully charge my battery before use?

It is not necessary to fully charge your battery before use, as it has no memory effect, unlike other batteries that do not use lithium-ion.

How long does a battery last?

The lifespan of a battery depends above all on how it is used, and it is impossible to give a precise time. Most models accept several hundred charges.

What is a deep discharge?

You can greatly reduce the life of your battery if you discharge it completely each time you use it. This is known as "deep discharge". We advise you not to wait until the end of your battery's life before recharging it. A battery in deep discharge can no longer be charged. In principle, the battery's electronics prevent you from using it if its charge is too low, before it reaches the deep discharge stage.

How do I look after a battery?

A clean cloth to clean the contacts and that's it.

Which battery for which clearomizer?

The first thing to check is that the battery will give enough power to operate your clearomizer. The connections are usually the same for all models, so you can mix and match your equipment as you wish. Note that you need to be careful about the width of the battery and the clearomizer, as you could end up with an unsightly result.

Is water dangerous for a battery?

Batteries should not be exposed to water! Some rare models are slightly waterproof but can only withstand short exposure to water. In the presence of water, you run the risk of a short-circuit, which could lead to degassing and cause damage. So don't vape in the pool :-)

What to do if my battery gets wet

If your battery has taken on water, don't touch it even if it's still switched on, as you could be at risk of a short-circuit which could cause the lithium part to degas (destroying the battery). After a minimum of 24 hours drying time, you can place your battery in a container with cat litter or rice, which will suck up the moisture. If it doesn't light up after 24 hours, don't try to dismantle it and place it in a recycling bin.

How do I light a battery?

The vast majority of batteries are switched on and off by pressing the main button 5 times very quickly (less than a second).

What should I do if my battery doesn't work?

First of all, you need to identify the problem. If the battery lights up but flashes, you have a contact problem between the clearomizer and the battery. This is often due to a faulty or poorly connected coil. If after pressing 5 times quickly to turn your battery on and off, even when plugged in, no light comes on, contact us.