About us

Calumette is a family business based in Nantes, France, founded in 2013 by a couple, Sébastian and Sarah. The name 'Calumette' is inspired by the American Indian philosophy embodied by the emblematic Calumet of Peace. Used to seal peace treaties, the Calumette was used to reconcile with the spirits of nature and was an integral part of traditional medicine. American Indians flavoured their calumet with a variety of plants and flowers. For its owner, the pipe was a symbol of power and serenity.

With Calumette, make peace with your surroundings, your family and your health.

How it all began...

It all began at an e-commerce trade fair... Sébastian is an exhibitor and regularly has to go out for a smoke when he sees his stand neighbour sucking on a strange device that generates vapor. Intrigued, he asked his neighbour what the device was and discovered the e-cigarette. And it was the discovery of this then unknown object, followed by his rapid cessation of smoking without difficulty, that was a revelation! And it became obvious that as many people as possible should have access to the e-cigarette, because it's a wonderful product that can help a lot of smokers! Sébastian got his wife Sarah on board and together they created Calumette, convinced that they could help smokers get away from the killer cigarette and the all-powerful tobacco industry.

Calumette's vision

Calumette's Mission

Our mission

We help people who want to stop smoking. We provide smokers and vapers with advice and products to help them give up killing cigarettes and stay smoke-free.
As an alternative, we offer effective, safe and high-quality vaping products, with advice above all else.

Our values

We prefer usefulness and meaning to the opportunistic pursuit of profit at any price, which could jeopardise the safety of our customers. Calumette remains on a human scale by controlling the development of its activities, with the aim of maintaining a close relationship with its customers and partners.

health value


What guides us in our daily choices.

ethical value


Cultivating the original "Spirit of Vape":

  • We make a strong selection of e-liquids and equipment: Calumette does not sell just anything. Above all, we want to help you, in complete safety. That's why we exclude many products.
  • Advice takes precedence over sales.
  • We pay particular attention to our ecological footprint and our social and environmental responsibility (CSR).
  • We are committed to remaining a family business on a human scale: efficiency in good humour, a good atmosphere and the well-being of the whole team are important to us.
  • We offer fair prices.
  • We pay our suppliers promptly: for you to have access to good products, manufacturers, particularly of e-liquids, must have the means to do so.
  • We are totally independent of the tobacco industry. We do not offer any products from the tobacco industry, only products from independent companies.
quality value


  • Product quality: we know that quality equipment is key to taking your first steps in vape and continuing along this path. That's why we rigorously select and systematically test the products on offer. What's more, Calumette brand products are top quality and competitively priced. We reject the low-cost approach in favour of high-quality products. Wherever possible, we favour products made in France: the majority of our e-liquids come from France.
  • Quality of service: a clear, easy-to-use website where shortfill, nicotine salt and DIY e-liquids are not mixed with 10 ml ready-to-use e-liquid. An e-commerce site developed in-house for record page-loading times, unique reliability and flexibility. High-performance, fast and efficient after-sales service. We insist on listening, supporting and advising you, with personalised answers from a vaping expert in less than 24 hours.
  • Quality proven by our ISO 9001 certification, by AFNOR: Calumette is the only vape distributor in the world to have obtained the international quality certification model ISO 9001. A demanding process that is a guarantee for you.
advice value

Advice :

  • At Calumette, advice always takes precedence over sales.
  • Our team of passionate, well-trained experts is always available to advise you by phone, email, chat, etc., and provide you with precise answers.
  • Our website also provides advice in the form of a glossary and guides. Whether you're a beginner, a seasoned user or an expert, you'll find a wealth of information here.