Box & Mod

The Mod or Box Mod is like a battery/box but has the particularity of having one or more replaceable battery. It can come in different sizes, powers and shapes to suit most existing clearomizers and atomizers.
We advise you to follow the safety rules for all battery, and to use a battery charger to increase their lifespan.
The list below is sorted alphabetically by brand.
See the box mod guide

Box mod guide

Everything you need to know about box mod and mod.
The mod is a battery where the accumulator can be replaced. The only difference is that you can remove the battery and replace it as you wish. A mod is round, while a box mod is rectangular. This is the most common format, as it makes it easy to integrate a large screen without the device becoming too large.

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Types of mod

Electronic mod

Round, with or without a screen. In most cases there is no screen, and the power is regulated automatically by the device's electronics, depending on the coil resistance. They are often quite large in diameter and height.

Electronic box mod

The electronic box mod is a rectangular mod, usually with a screen. Its size allows it to incorporate a large screen to provide users with all the information they need to vape properly. Electronic box mods are inevitably wider than a simple mod, but the square format means that they don't need to be very high. Note that there are box mods with single, double or triple battery, for use with equipment requiring high power or for people looking for very long autonomy. The more batteries you have, the heavier the box mod will be.

Box mods are also available without screens and for automatic use, but this format is rarer.

Mecha mods and mechanical box mod

These have the same characteristics as the devices mentioned above, but with the difference that they have no screen and no electronics. To use this type of equipment, it is essential to have a thorough understanding of Ohm's Law and to check all connections with an Ohm meter before use. This equipment is designed for experts. Incorrect use could cause the battery to degas (gas being expelled very quickly, the battery burning up or even exploding).


How do I choose a simple box mod?

We recommend an easy-to-use, safe electronic box mod, with or without a screen. Note that a mod without a screen is easier to use but does not allow any adjustment, which can be a significant disadvantage over time.

How do I choose a battery for my box mod?

You need to refer to the manufacturer's specifications, and for more information see our "battery" guide.

Can I start vaping with a mechanical mod?

No, and no again. A mechanical mod should only be used by an experienced person who has a perfect knowledge of Ohm's Law and vape equipment. It's better to use a battery or an electronic mod, and you can go back to using this equipment later, when you're more expert. Safety is priceless.