Vegetol Plus shortfill

Vegetol Plus 60ml e-liquid is the result of advanced research by Xeres laboratories to replace Propylene Glycol (PG) in e-liquids with Vegetol. The advantage of Vegetol is that, unlike PG, it doesn't irritate the throat, so there's no cough and the nicotine is better absorbed. Vegetol Plus 60ml shortfill e-liquids are PG-free, acrolein-free, formaldehyde-free and acetaldehyde-free.
Vegetol Plus 60ml e-liquid is the solution for getting the most out of Vegetol: pack in 3 or 6 mg/ml nicotine. The economical version of Vegetol e-liquid!
Made in France.
50% Vegetol, 50% Vegetable Glycerin