Nicotine salt guide

Everything you need to know about nicotine salts.
Nicotine salts are a more recent tool often used in smoking cessation. They make the e-liquid very soft when vaped and are very useful for beginners.

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We are familiar with the e-liquid nicotine found in our usual e-liquids, but because it has been extracted, it is no longer in quite the same form as that found in the plant: the PH is much more alkaline, which produces the 'hit' and is appreciated by many vapers.

The nicotine salts are more acidic and in a form closer to that found naturally in the plant. This technique, developed in the United States, produces virtually no hit.

The benefits of nicotine salt

The advantage of nicotine salts is the very low hit of these liquids, even at very high nicotine strengths. They are perfectly suited to begin vaping when you suffer from throat irritation, because they provide the right dose of nicotine without causing coughing in general.

The disadvantages of nicotine salt

The disadvantage of nicotine salt is that it provides virtually no hit, which can be disturbing for some former smokers who prefer more traditional liquids with a high hit.

For what type of vaper?

Nicotine salts are perfectly suited to beginners suffering from respiratory tract irritation due to smoking, and who can't tolerate high strength of nicotine. 20 mg/ml of nicotine in nicotine salt will do no more hit than a conventional 3 mg/ml nicotine e-liquid. As a result, the nicotine is better assimilated and the puffs are bigger. This type of vape can also be used to complement larger devices that are unable to vaporise high doses of nicotine.

What type of equipment

Any equipment using coils of less than 1 ohm should be avoided, as they will degrade the nicotine salt. We also advise you to use lower wattages. In any case, this will not affect the hit, which is virtually non-existent. There are a number of kits adapted to nicotine salt, with 1.6 ohm coil that may or may not be specially designed for salts. Of course, kits designed for nicotine salt can work with conventional e-liquids. A POD is typically used with nicotine salt.


Choose simple equipment but with coil greater than 1 ohm. Vape is a tool that can save you a lot of suffering, so make the most of it ;-) Don't hesitate to contact us for more information.


Is nicotine salt a good way to start?

For beginners, nicotine salts are a very good solution, provided that you want a very low hit which is not suitable for everyone. If you cough too much with usual e-liquid, try nicotine salts.

What strength should you choose?

They are often available in 10mg and 20mg/ml only. We advise you to start with 20 mg/ml and then reduce your strength, or switch to conventional nicotine e-liquid.

Usual e-liquids make me cough. Are nicotine salts a solution?

Yes, if you have a cough caused by smoking that has damaged your larynx, nicotine salts can be a very good solution and make it much easier to start vaping. Once you've stopped smoking completely and your larynx has recovered, you can switch to traditional nicotine e-liquid.

Can I vape nicotine salt for a very long time?

The manufacturers recommend that you then switch to conventional e-liquid. Nicotine salts are very suitable for beginners, because the nicotine intake is very effective and generally cough-free, but it's a good idea to switch to more usual e-liquids afterwards to reduce nicotine addiction in particular.