Aspire Vilter S Pod kit

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  • Aspire Vilter S Pod kit
  • Aspire Vilter S Pod kit
  • Aspire Vilter S Pod kit
  • Aspire Vilter S Pod kit
  • Aspire Vilter S Pod kit
  • Aspire Vilter S Pod kit
  • Aspire Vilter S Pod kit
  • Aspire Vilter S Pod kit
  • Aspire Vilter S Pod kit
  • Aspire Vilter S Pod kit
  • Aspire Vilter S Pod kit
  • Aspire Vilter S Pod kit
  • Aspire Vilter S Pod kit
  • Aspire Vilter S Pod kit
  • Aspire Vilter S Pod kit
  • Aspire Vilter S Pod kit
  • Aspire Vilter S Pod kit
  • Aspire Vilter S Pod kit
  • Aspire Vilter S Pod kit
  • Aspire Vilter S Pod kit
  • Aspire Vilter S Pod kit
  • Aspire Vilter S Pod kit
  • Aspire Vilter S Pod kit
  • Aspire Vilter S Pod kit
Aspire's Vilter S kit is ideal for taking the first step towards giving up smoking. Control screen, automatic or classic mode, charge level and number of puffs are the latest improvements in this S version.
2 ml tank - 500 mAh battery
Power: 15 W - Indirect puffing.
Level: beginner
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Aspire Vilter S Pod kit

Aspire Vilter S Pod

You're trying to get rid of cigarettes, the way they make you feel and that sensation in your mouth, but you're afraid you won't be able to. Well, it's time to put those thoughts to rest, because the Aspire Vilter kit has been created to ease the transition from cigarettes to an e-cigarette.

To make sure you do, Aspire is offering an improved version of the Vilter, the Vilter S. While Aspire has kept the same size, aluminium casing and cartridge principle, it has now added a screen, a few extra features and increased autonomy.

USB-C socket and port for supplying air to the cartridge

The battery has been extended from 450 mah to 500 mAh. It can be quickly charged via USB-C. To further extend battery life, Aspire offers a Vilter-PB power bank that adds 1600 mAh to the 500 mah of the Vilter S pod. Note that this power bank is also compatible with the Vilter kit.

Side ignition button

The side button can be used to turn the power on or off, change the operating mode or vape. As with the previous version, the battery is used in automatic mode, so all you have to do is inhale to vape.

0.69" monochrome screen

Aspire's front panel features a 0.69" screen for checking charge level, puff count and operating modes.
3 modes are available:

  • "A: automatic puffing by inhaling on the pod
  • "B": puffing only possible by pressing the side button
  • "AB": you can choose whether to use the pod when inhaling in automatic mode or when pressing the side button.

Fake filter or drip tip cartridge

The battery is fitted with a 2 ml cartridge made of shock- and heat-resistant PCTG. It contains an integrated 1 ohm coil that cannot be removed. Not very gourmand in liquid, it is filled from the bottom, by lifting the Teflon cover.

Replace the drip tip with the filter to reproduce the draw of a cigarette.

The Vilter cartridge comes with a proprietary drip tip specially designed for indirect vaping. But what makes this kit so interesting is that you can use fake cigarette filters like all the models in the Vilter range.

The shape and texture of these filters resemble the sensation of smoking, but unlike a cigarette filter, the Vilter doesn't actually act as a filter because it has a hollow in its centre. This means that the liquid doesn't clog up in the filter, giving you a quality vapor.

Ideal for beginners, the Vilter S can be used with liquids with a high nicotine strength or with nicotine salts.

Aspire Vilter S complete Pod kit

Calumette's review: Aspire has added a number of useful new features for novice vapers, including a control screen and an ignition button that lets you vape in a more traditional way. The simplicity of use and the use of filters are very welcome when you're just starting out.
This practical, discreet model is also ideal for vapers looking for a back-up model.

E-liquid not included: Complete your purchase with e-liquid.
For a first purchase, we advise you to test several different liquids, for example at least one Classic flavour and at least one fruity flavour.


  • Automatic or button lighting
  • Quiet
  • Control screen (charge, number of puffs)
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Suitable for high nicotine strengths or nicotine salts

Kit contents

  • 1 Aspire Vilter S battery
  • 1 Aspire Vilter cartridge
  • 1 filter
  • 1 proprietary plastic drip tip
  • 1 USB Type C cable
  • 1 French manual


  • Height: 11.1 cm
  • Width: 2.2 cm
  • Depth: 1.2 cm
  • Weight : 31 g
  • Capacity : 2 ml
  • Magnetic contact
  • Proprietary plastic drip tip or Vilter filter
  • PCTG tank
  • Compatible with Vilter cartridges with integrated 1 ohm coil
  • Power: 15 W
  • Max charge current: 0.65 A
  • Capacity: 500 mAh
  • Coils supplied: 1 Vilter cartridge with built-in coil
  • Power usage: automatic
  • Inhalation type: indirect
  • vapor type: tight
  • vapor: cold to lukewarm, depending on the mouthpiece
  • Percentage of VG in liquid for optimum use: ≤ 50% Vegetable Glycerin
  • Level: beginner


- Charging your Aspire Vilter S battery:
Plug the USB cable into the port on your Vilter S battery or plug it into a Vilter PB power bank. The screen will turn off when charging is complete.

- Filling your Vilter S cartridge:
Remove the cartridge from the pod to access the filler cap on the underside of the cartridge. Fill the cartridge and put it back in place.

- Vaping with your Vilter S:
Aspire on your pod after filling the cartridge and that's it!


- For more information, please refer to the French instructions included in your Aspire Vilter S kit.

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  • 5 Easy to use and great fun!
    - (Translation from French)
  • 5 I've been using this kit for several years now, and it needs replacing quite often, but it's pretty well designed.
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  • 5 Benefits: cigarette-style mouthpiece, ultra-lightweight, decent battery life
    Minuses: small tank
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  • 5 Very good product
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  • 5 Easy to use for novices like me. It's light and elegant
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