Innokin Kroma Z Pod kit

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  • Innokin Kroma Z Pod kit
  • Innokin Kroma Z Pod kit
  • Innokin Kroma Z Pod kit
  • Innokin Kroma Z Pod kit
  • Innokin Kroma Z Pod kit
  • Innokin Kroma Z Pod kit
  • Innokin Kroma Z Pod kit
  • Innokin Kroma Z Pod kit
  • Innokin Kroma Z Pod kit
  • Innokin Kroma Z Pod kit
  • Innokin Kroma Z Pod kit
  • Innokin Kroma Z Pod kit
  • Innokin Kroma Z Pod kit
  • Innokin Kroma Z Pod kit
  • Innokin Kroma Z Pod kit
  • Innokin Kroma Z Pod kit
  • Innokin Kroma Z Pod kit
  • Innokin Kroma Z Pod kit
  • Innokin Kroma Z Pod kit
  • Innokin Kroma Z Pod kit
Long-running Innokin pod. Intuitive operation in Variable Wattage mode. Ultra-light and ergonomic. Eco-friendly packaging.
4.5 ml tank - 3000 mAh battery
40 W power - Indirect to semi-direct draw
Level: beginner
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Innokin Kroma Z Pod kit

Innokin has reinvented the pod with the Kroma Z, offering vapers greater comfort, autonomy and more intuitive use. It nevertheless retains the spirit of the Kroma in its shape and chipset. Versatile, lightweight and compact, it's designed for beginners and lovers of indirect vaping.

Front panel of the Kroma Z pod

A pod in the featherweight category (125 g) thanks to a magnesium alloy, but which achieves the feat of offering features worthy of the most imposing kits: a 4.5 ml tank, a 3000 mAh battery and maximum power of 40 W.

Leather detail and adjustable Airflow on the Zroma Z rear panel

The finish is meticulous and pleasant to the touch, thanks to the use of an alloy frame and a leather strip that improves the grip during use.

Kroma Z screen

The pod's screen is large and takes up almost the entire height. It acts as an ignition switch and trigger. The pod operates solely on variable wattage, a very practical solution when you're just starting out. All you have to do is respect the coil values to get the most out of your pod.

The screen shows your battery charge level, the number of puffs and the value of your coil.

Removed coil and airflow ring

The 4.5 ml cartridge ensures long hours of vaping. Its dual magnet and clip system ensures a secure fit on the pod. Three different shaped drip tips are supplied with the kit: narrow for a tight MTL draw, oval for an MTL draw and wide for an RDL draw.

The ring that holds the coil acts as the airflow. The pre-assembled ring has three feed holes for airflow. A second ring is supplied for a very tight draw. You can also adjust the draw using an ingenious pull knob on the front of the device, for a precise airflow tailored to your needs.

Cartridge filler cap

The cartridge contains Innokin Z Coils. A 0.8 ohm and a 0.3 ohm coil allow you to test a more or less airy draw. All Z Coils are compatible with the Kroma Z.

0.8 ohm Z coil

Range of use of the 2 coils :

  • Z coil 0.3 ohm, semi-direct airy-draw for a range of use between 30 and 40 W.
  • Z coil 0.8 ohm, tight draw for a range of use between 15 and 18 W.

Innokin Kroma Z complete kit

Calumette's review: With the Kroma Z, Innokin has made a brilliant entry into the world of pods. Developed for indirect vaping, it's perfect for beginners. It will give even better results if combined with Z coil above 1 ohm.

E-liquid not included: Complete your purchase with e-liquid.
For a first purchase, we advise you to test several different liquids, for example at least one Classic flavour and at least one fruity flavour.


  • Pleasant texture
  • Easy to use
  • 3 drip tips for 3 types of draw
  • Tank capacity

Kit contents

  • 1 Innokin Kroma Z pod
  • 1 Innokin Z Coil 0.8 ohm
  • 1 Innokin Z Coil 0.3 ohm
  • 1 MTL narrow drip tip
  • 1 MTL oval drip dip
  • 1 RDL wide drip tip
  • 1 air flow ring for tight draw
  • 1 USB type C cable
  • 1 quick-start user guide in French


  • Length: 11.4 cm
  • Width: 2.7 cm
  • Depth: 3.6 cm
  • Weight : 125 g
  • Capacity: 3 ml
  • Removable Kroma Z cartridge
  • 510 plastic drip tip
  • PET tank
  • Compatible with Innokin Z Coils (5 pack)
  • Power: 40 W
  • Max charge current: 1.7 A
  • Capacity: 3000 mAh
  • Coils supplied: Innokin Z Coil 0.8 ohm and 0.3 ohm
  • Power usage: 15 to 18 W with the 0.8 ohm coil, 30 W to 40 W with the 0.3 ohm coil
  • Type of inhalation: indirect to restrictive direct
  • Type of vapor: tight
  • vapor: cold to warm
  • Percentage of VG in liquid for optimum use: ≤ 50% Vegetable Glycerin
  • Level: beginner


- Switching your Pod on and off:
Perform 3 consecutive presses on the swich.

- Charging your Pod:
Plug the USB Type C cable into your computer's USB port or wall socket.

- Accessing your Pod menu :
Switch on your box mod. Press the "+" and "-" buttons to access the menu. Move around using the "+" and "-" buttons and confirm using the trigger.

- Accessing the sub-menu :
To access the sub-menu, press the "+" button and the trigger. You can set your puff counter to 0 by selecting "clear".

- Locking the "+" and "-" buttons:
To lock the "+" and "-" buttons, and avoid any adjustment incidents during transport, press the "-" button and the trigger. A red or green padlock logo will indicate that it is locked.

- Filling your Kroma Z cartridge :
Lift the Teflon cover on the side of the cartridge and fill it. Then put your cartridge back in place.

- Changing the coil :
Pull on the cartridge drip to remove it from the pod. Remove the cartridge base by unscrewing it. Remove the base, change the coil and replace the whole assembly.

- Adjusting the Airflow :
Pull on the cartridge drip to remove it from the pod. Turn the adjustment knob at the bottom of the cartridge to the right or left, depending on the type of vape you are looking for. Put the cartridge back in place.


- We suggest you put a few drops of e-liquid on the cotton part of your coil. This will prevent a burnt taste.

- Make sure you respect the maximum use ranges indicated on your coils.

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  • 5 Fine
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  • 5 Very good pod, light, compact and easy to use. For direct or semi-indirect vaping, all you need to do is choose the right Resistance and you're done :-) :-)
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  • 5 Very good product, very pleasant vape
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