Aspire Cyber X kit

  • Aspire Cyber X kit
  • Aspire Cyber X kit
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  • Aspire Cyber X kit
  • Aspire Cyber X kit
  • Aspire Cyber X kit
  • Aspire Cyber X kit
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  • Aspire Cyber X kit
  • Aspire Cyber X kit
  • Aspire Cyber X kit
  • Aspire Cyber X kit
  • Aspire Cyber X kit
  • Aspire Cyber X kit
  • Aspire Cyber X kit
  • Aspire Cyber X kit
  • Aspire Cyber X kit
  • Aspire Cyber X kit
Aspire Cyber X kit, a pocket size with a futuristic design for automatic or supported vaping, or both, as you wish.
3 ml tank - 1000 mAh battery
Power: 15 W - Indirect draw.
Level: beginner
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Aspire Cyber X kit

Aspire Cyber X Pod

Aspire is expanding its range with the Cyber X pod. Its futuristic design is beautifully executed with a transparent front panel.

Transparent rear panel

On the other side, 4 X-shaped LEDs indicate device operation. The Cyber X has a 1000 mAh battery with a maximum power output of 15 W, so the autonomy is more than reasonable.

Charging socket under the battery

On the underside of the device, a USB-C socket ensures rapid charging at 2 A, so there's no risk of the battery running out during the day.

A button for switching on/off or vaping is located on the front of the device. The Cyber X can be used in support mode, but also in automatic mode by inhaling directly from the cartridge.

To select automatic mode, support mode or both, press the button 3 times in succession:

  • Automatic mode: vape is triggered by sucking on the cartridge
  • Button mode: vape is triggered by pressing the button
  • Double action mode: vape is triggered by pressing or inhaling

Aspire Cyber TSX cartridge

The Cyber X comes with a large-capacity TSX pod 3 ml cartridge, with a built-in 0.8 ohm or 1 ohm coil. The cartridge is designed for indirect draw and will be perfect for beginners. The 1 ohm version can be used with nicotine or nicotine salt.

There's no adjustable airflow, but 2 different airflows depending on the position of the cartridge. Depending on which way you insert the cartridge, the draw will be tighter or slightly more airy.

Teflon side filler cap

The cartridge is magnetically attached to the battery, which is quite practical for everyday use. The cartridge is filled from the side, and once it is in place, the opening is protected and there is no risk of it opening in a pocket or handbag.

Aspire Cyber X complete kit

Calumette's review: A pocket-sized pod that's easy to use, effective and looks great. It's sure to look great on any occasion.

E-liquid not included: Complete your purchase with e-liquid.
For a first purchase, we advise you to test several different liquids, for example at least one Classic flavour and at least one fruity flavour.


  • Automatic or manual
  • Lightweight and compact
  • 1000 mAh capacity
  • Suitable for high nicotine strengths or nicotine salts

Kit contents

  • 1 Aspire Cyber X battery
  • 1 Aspire TSX cartridge
  • 1 neck strap
  • 1 USB Type C cable
  • 1 French manual


  • Height: 7.5 cm
  • Width: 5 cm
  • Depth: 2 cm
  • Weight : 67 g
  • Capacity: 3 ml
  • Magnetic contact
  • Drip tip integrated into the cartridge
  • PCTG tank
  • Compatible with Cyber TSX cartridges with built-in coil of 1 ohm or 0.8 ohm
  • Power: 15 W
  • Max charge current: 2 A
  • Capacity: 1000 mAh
  • Coils supplied: 1 Cyber TSX cartridge with built-in 1 ohm coil and 1 Cyber TSX cartridge with built-in 0.8 ohm coil
  • Power usage: automatic
  • Inhalation type: indirect
  • vapor type: tight
  • vapor: cold to lukewarm depending on cartridge coil
  • Percentage of VG in the liquid for optimum use: ≤ 50% Vegetable Glycerin
  • Level: beginner


- Charging your battery:
Plug the USB cable into the port on your Aspire Cyber X battery. The battery will flash 20 times to indicate when charging is complete.

Charge indicator after each puff :

  • Green LED: charge between 60% and 100%.
  • Blue LED: charge between 30% and 59%
  • Red LED: charge less than 29%

- Refilling your cartridge:
Remove the cartridge from the pod to access the filler cap on the underside of the cartridge. Fill the cartridge and put it back in place.

- Vaping :
Aspire on your pod after filling the cartridge and you're ready to go! You can change the device's operating mode by pressing the "power" button 3 times in less than a second. You'll be able to vape either by aspirating or by pressing down, or use both options as you wish.


- For more information, please refer to the French manual included in your Aspire Cyber X kit.