A concentrate for DIY e-liquid for e-cigarette can be used to add flavour to your DIY e-liquid preparations. These concentrated flavourings are nicotine-free and should not be used pure or mixed with other concentrates of a different flavour. If mixed, the flavour molecules may react with each other and produce potentially harmful compounds.

On each concentrate details page, you can find the recommended flavour dosage and use our DIY calculator. We remind you that once you have finished preparing your e-liquid, you need to 'steep' it, i.e. leave it to rest for a few days to a few days or weeks so that the flavours are perfectly blended and matured. We recommend shaking your preparation about once a day.

Steep for Fruity flavour: minimum 48 hours to one week.
Steep for Classic or Gourmand flavours: minimum 1 week to several weeks.