Curieux Essentielle shortfill

Curieux Les Essentielles shortfill e-liquid 40ml comes in gourmand Classic flavours: Tweed, Kilim, Dentelle, Denim and Galuchat. With its Essentielles edition, Curieux offers a unique taste journey with the vape of classics from around the world. Curieux Essentielles shortfills are made entirely from a base of vegetable glycerine and ... Vegetol! You can of course use the Vegetol nicotine shots to enjoy a PG-free liquid.
Vegetol, which replaces PG (propylene glycol) here, has the advantage of not irritating the throat, of allowing better assimilation of nicotine, and of having a natural origin.
Made in France.
VG/Vegetol 60/40

Curieux Essentielle