Aspire CE5 (BVC) clearomizer

4.7 4.7/5 - 81 reviews
  • Aspire CE5 (BVC) clearomizer
  • Aspire CE5 (BVC) clearomizer
  • Aspire CE5 (BVC) clearomizer
  • Aspire CE5 (BVC) clearomizer
  • Aspire CE5 (BVC) clearomizer
  • Aspire CE5 (BVC) clearomizer
  • Aspire CE5 (BVC) clearomizer
  • Aspire CE5 (BVC) clearomizer
  • Aspire CE5 (BVC) clearomizer
  • Aspire CE5 (BVC) clearomizer
  • Aspire CE5 (BVC) clearomizer
  • Aspire CE5 (BVC) clearomizer
Clearomizer with eGo connection, modern design, using BVC coils.
1.8 ml tank - Diameter: 14 mm
Bottom-filling - Aspire BVC coil
Draw: indirect - Level: beginner
Colour :
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Aspire CE5 clearomizer

Aspire 1.8 ml clearomizer with interchangeable 1.8 ohm "Bottom Vertical Coil". Removable 510 drip. Very good indirect inhalation. An essential clearomizer.

Le Clearomiseur CE5 démonté.
The CE5 clearomizer disassembled.

The special feature of Aspire BVC "Bottom Vertical Coil" (an improved version of BDC "Bottom Dual Coil"): is the presence of organic cotton (for sublimated taste reproduction) and a coil mounted vertically and in parallel for better diffusion of the vapor.


  • Indirect draw.
  • Bottom Vertical Coil for better e-liquid impregnation.
  • Change your coil without having to empty your tank.
  • Double tank graduation.


  • Length: 8 cm
  • Diameter: 1.4 cm
  • Weight : 16 g
  • Capacity: 1.8 ml
  • Compatible with coils: Aspire BVC coils (5 pack)
  • eGo screw thread
  • 510 drip tip
  • Inhalation type: indirect
  • Type of vapor: tight
  • vapor: warm
  • Percentage of VG in liquid for optimal use: ≤ 50% Vegetable Glycerin
  • Level: beginner


- Filling your Aspire CE5 clearomizer:
Put your clearomizer upside down. Unscrew the clearomizer from its base and then fill your clearomizer with the e-liquid of your choice, taking care to pour the liquid along the wall. Do not introduce e-liquid into the central tube.
Then screw your base back on.
For greater precision, you can use a syringe bottle or Ucan bottle.

- Priming your coil:
During the first fill, inhale several times through the drip tip while plugging the inlet at the base of your clearomizer. This will ensure that your coil is well impregnated and avoids a burnt taste. Then screw it onto your battery.

- Changing the coil :
Unscrew the clearomizer from its base. Unscrew the Aspire coil and replace it. Prime your Aspire each time you change the coil to avoid the burnt taste.

Reviews of Aspire CE5 (BVC) clearomizer

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  • 5 I really like it because it's transparent and easy to fill.
    I wish you had them in different colours
    Just for aesthetics
    - (Translation from French)
  • 5 top, for people who can't see too well, you can see exactly where the product is when you fill it up
    - (Translation from French)
  • 5 Same opinion as above
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    - (Translation from French)
    - (Translation from French)
  • 4 Super
    - (Translation from French)
  • 5 I've been using it since I stopped smoking and now I can only find it on this site, thank you!
    - (Translation from French)
  • 5 Perfect clearomizer that I've been using for 5 years.
    - (Translation from French)
  • 5 Very good
    - (Translation from French)
  • 5 Suits me perfectly
    - (Translation from French)