Dotmod DotStick kit

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  • Dotmod DotStick kit
  • Dotmod DotStick kit
  • Dotmod DotStick kit
  • Dotmod DotStick kit
  • Dotmod DotStick kit
  • Dotmod DotStick kit
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  • Dotmod DotStick kit
  • Dotmod DotStick kit
  • Dotmod DotStick kit
  • Dotmod DotStick kit
Dotmod Dotstick kit, a benchmark in terms of quality and technical innovation.
2 ml tank - 1 battery 18350 or 18650
Power: 23 W - Indirect or restrictive direct draw
Level: beginner to expert
Sold without replacement battery
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Dotmod DotStick kit

Dotmod offers a refined kit worthy of Swiss watchmaking. The kit is meticulous in every detail, and the gold finish makes this model a real gem. Based on its previous models, the compact version of the mod uses a 18350 battery, and thanks to a metal tube, it can be upgraded to take an 18650 battery for extra autonomy. It achieves the feat of adapting to beginners as well as to more expert vapers.

Dotmod Dotstick kit gold detail

The device can be charged using a charging plug under a Teflon cover. However, to prolong the life of your replacement batteries, we recommend charging them in an external charger.

USB plug - Teflon cover

Note the engraving in the form of a punch on the light anodised aluminium.

DotMod engraving detail

This electronic mod guarantees safe vaping. The box can be used in Bypass mode or with three power levels adapted to the value of the coil. To clearly identify which mode is active, the "power" button, which has a luminous LED, changes colour:

  • white: Bypass mode
  • red: Soft mode
  • blue: Medium mode
  • green: Strong mode

Dotmod has also included a LED to indicate the charge level of your battery.

The Temperature Control function detects insufficient liquid in your tank. This prevents any risk of "dry burn". This function is only available with the strict use of Dotmod Dotstick SS316 coils.

The other new feature worth mentioning is the ingenious Pin 510 anti-grip. If you tighten it too much, it prevents the base of the clearomizer from getting stuck on the mod. An extremely judicious technical innovation that makes Dotmod a partner at the cutting edge of technological advances in the world of vape.

DotStick clearomizers

The Dotstick clearomizer not only looks great, it's particularly ingenious. With a capacity of 2 ml, the tank is made from heat-resistant PCTG. Once you've removed the base of the clearomizer by turning it a quarter turn, you'll see a funnel-shaped filling hole at the top of the clearomizer. All you have to do is press the pipette from your bottle onto the filling system to introduce the liquid into the tank. The liquid reaches its target precisely, with no risk of external dirt.

The base of the clearomizer is mounted on spring-loaded balls so you can unscrew or screw it back on with a quarter-turn. There's no risk of unscrewing the base of the clearomizer on the mod by mistake, as you need to apply pressure and turn the tank to remove it.

The draw is fairly indirect, although the 0.4 ohm Dotstick coil allows for a restrictive direct draw.
Two drip tips are provided:

  • a round one for a more airy draw.
  • an oval, for a very tight draw.

The coils produce generous vapor, thanks to their mesh technology and the use of high-quality cotton.

  • Dotmod DotStick 0.4 ohm coil: direct inhalation and airy draw for use between 20 and 30 W.
  • Dotmod DotStick 1 ohm coil: indirect inhalation and tight draw for use between 10 and 15 W

Dotmod DotStick complete kit

Sold without battery.

Calumette's review: Dotmod is undoubtedly the benchmark brand in terms of quality and technical innovation. Superb work has gone into both the mod and the clearomizer. And to top it all off, it's suitable for all types of vaper. Quality for everyone.

E-liquid not included: Complete your purchase with e-liquid.
For a first purchase, we advise you to test several different liquids, for example at least one Classic flavour and at least one fruity flavour.


  • Exemplary finish
  • Restrictive indirect or direct draw
  • Compatible with 18650 or 18350 batteries
  • Innovative refilling system

Kit contents

  • 1 Dotmod DotStick kit
  • 1 18650 battery extension
  • 1 Dotstick 1 ohm coil
  • 1 Dotstick 0.4 ohm coil
  • 1 micro USB cable
  • 1 oval replacement drip tip
  • 1 O-rings kit
  • 1 user manual


  • Length: 9.2 cm with 18350 battery or 12.2 cm with 18650 battery
  • Diameter: 2.2 cm
  • Weight: 70 g (without replacement battery)
  • Capacity: 2 ml
  • 510 anti-grip screw thread
  • 510 plastic drip tip type
  • PCTG tank
  • Compatible with Dotmod DotStick coils
  • Power: 27 W
  • Max charge current: A
  • Compatible battery: 1 18650 or 1 18350 battery
  • Minimum discharge power: ≤ 25 A
  • Coils supplied: one DotMod DotStick 0.4 ohm coil and one DotMod DotStick 1 ohm coil
  • Power usage of DotMod DotStick 0.4 ohm coils: 20 to 30 W and DotMod DotStick 1 ohm coils: 10 to 15 W
  • Inhalation type: indirect to restrictive direct
  • Type of vapor: tight
  • vapor: cold to warm
  • Percentage of VG in the liquid for optimum use: ≤ 50% Vegetable Glycerin
  • Level: beginner to expert


- Charging your Dotmod DotStick box:
Unscrew the base of your mod and remove the replacement battery. Place the replacement battery in the charger provided. You can also charge your replacement battery directly on the box using your micro-USB plug.

- Changing the operating mode:
Press the "power" button three times to make your selection.

  • White LED: bypass mode
  • Red LED: soft mode
  • Blue LED: medium mode
  • Red LED: strong mode

- Checking the charge:
The charge level of your battery is indicated by an indicator light:

  • Green LED: charge between 61% and 100%
  • Blue LED: charge between 21% and 60%.
  • Red LED: charge between 1% and 20%.

- Changing the coil:
Unscrew the base of your clearomizer by a quarter-turn, while simultaneously applying pressure to the tank. Pull out the coil and replace it. Be careful, the tank must not be full.

- Filling your tank:
Unscrew the base of your clearomizer by a quarter-turn, applying pressure to the tank at the same time. Insert the pipette from your bottle into the funnel-shaped hole and pour in the liquid.

- Vaping:
Press the switch 5 times in succession to switch on or off. Press the switch to vape.


- We suggest you put a few drops of e-liquid on the cotton part of your Dotstick coil. This will prevent a burnt taste.

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  • 5 Excellent kit. Compact, attractive, high-quality. Perfect for experienced vapers, despite its minimalist design.
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  • 4 This is my 2nd one, and I'm a bit of an airhead, so I regularly misplace the 1st one that I've had for 2 months. Having dropped it a lot, it's solid, practical and quite pretty.
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  • 4 At last, someone has thought of us Chou and elegant girls! The only problem was that the 2 drips tips supplied were not comfortable for me (one was too short and wide and the other too thin), so I adapted the ones from my old CE5 Aspire.
    - (Translation from French)